If you are planning to travel from the Middle East to the United Kingdom anytime soon, brace yourself to get a taste of a lot more wonderful flavors through the scrumptious dining options available there. I’ve listed down some of my favorites below, mainly eateries in Brighton and London.

Let’s start with 24 hours in Brighton, where I will tell you about different restaurants and nice places to hang around.

Café Coho

This one is a cozy little eatery in Brighton, where you can walk in for a hearty breakfast any day and not regret your decision for doing so. One of the best places to grab some eggs, so if you are a fan of benedicts, this is definitely your go to place without second thoughts.

Very Italian Pizza

Anyone who loves Classic Italian food with a modern touch, should definitely drop by at this restaurant to give themselves a beautiful treat. Just look at the stuff I ordered when dining here, so mouthwatering, isn’t it?

Also, a walk down the Brighton Pier can be quite amazing even though the sun is not that great, but you can enjoy the spectacular views while roaming and actually finish off exploring the whole city in a day if you are an active traveler.

You might even come across this wonderful falafel shop while roaming around, so grab one in case you are hungry, or you can buy some nice fresh bagels from Bagelman to munch on while walking between places.

The best thing is that they always have some special edition colored bagels and you can chose your own toppings as well so they turn out to be very Instagram worthy.

Red Roaster

Another gem in Brighton called Red Roaster by day, the concept of the eatery changes by the night but they serve healthy salads and benedicts as you can see in the pictures that it’s what I ordered for myself here. So, if you’re always on the lookout for healthy eating options, this place is a must visit.


The Ivy

The ivy is an amazing trendy posh fine dining restaurant in Brighton but they also have a few more locations spread around the UK. I had quite a feast here, the options were all so succulent. Have a look for yourself:

Black cod

Truffle fries very crispy beautiful must order as side

Grilled Salmon – very famous and delicious

Chicken Milanease with parmesan cheese

Arancini balls

The Zucchini chips

The Virgin Mary drink was very good too

Overall, lovely food and superb service amidst beautiful interiors.

Now, let’s move on to talk about my top choices for food in London.


There’s this very famous area in London called Carnabay. You will instantly fall in love with the surroundings as there is a lot to see and shop while walking around. Situated at one of the corners in this very area is Dishoom – an Indian restaurant ( casual tasty fast food ) that serves delicious classics.

I really enjoyed my Butter Chicken with Naan Bread and a glass of Lassi ( Yougurt Drink). All in all, it served as a perfect wholesome Indian meal and finger licking good too. I highly recommend this eatery for Indian Cuisine lovers and it is better to always book in advance as you will hardly every find a vacant table otherwise. Another thing that I’d like to mention is that Dishoom is one of the best casual eateries in the city and very pocket friendly given that London is generally quite expensive.


Are you in for some awesome Greek edibles? If yes, then this is yet another must go to restaurant in London. Although the food here is a bit pricey, it is worth trying and is something that has not opened in the Middle East but soon will be as the flavorful cuisine it has to offer is bound to be loved by many. They unmistakably serve the most amazing fresh seafood, the ambiance is superb and service is phenomenal. You can say that this is a casual place, but the options are really full of flavor. I highly recommend the Tsipoura grilled fish and the Lobster Pasta. Make sure to book your table in advance.

Waffle and the Duck

This one is the highest 24-hour restaurant in London, housed 40 floors up the Summit of the Heron Tower in the city’s Financial district. It serves the most delicious combos and you can even enjoy a feast in the middle of the night. However, it’s preferable to book a table at least 3 weeks in advance ( for a weekend brunch ) as the place is always running busy and it therefore gets difficult to find a spot at walk-in. The views from your table are spectacular as you will be able to see whole of London City while enjoying some great food. Here’s a glimpse of what I had:

Crispy Polenta with Parmesan and truffle

French Toast with Cream

Duck Egg en Concotte – wild mushrooms, Gruyere, truffle, soldier

Duck benedict – crispy duck leg, waffle, hen’s egg and sriracha

Belgian Waffles with caramelized figs, malted fudge, pistachio butter and plum jam – beautiful!

Santini Restaurant

If you are in search of excellent Italian and seafood options in London, look no further than the Santini Restaurant. The eatery is owned by Santini family and is situated in Belgravia, London. The best thing about them is that everything here is served in generous quantities, be it the appetizers or main course.

Crispy Fried Calamari


Fresh Olives

Buratta Risotto

Seafood pasta

Chicken Malinese is a speciality here, so must try.

For dessert, I devoured what must be the BEST baked cheesecake ever.

Ferdi Paris

Would you be surprised to learn that Ferdi Paris is where all the models go to eat burgers? It’s the Kardashians’ favorite! The restaurant is one of the best burger places in the world and flaunts a French menu but the one thing really special about them is that they have very special sauces, all prepared in-house.

Here, I had some lovely Shrimp tempura as starter, and then the must have burgers, and I would say that the Mac and cheese is also a must. For dessert there was Churros with a special in-house that was very similar to Nutella. Very enjoyable till the last bite!

The eatery is quite cozy and homely, but very small with only 6 tables, so it’s highly recommended to book beforehand. All you need to do is go their website and enter your details for reservations, you will then be sent a text for confirmation.

Flat Iron

Here, you will find cheap steaks and your bill will hardly exceed 15 pounds. Yes, Flat Iron is indeed very cheap but the waiting time is around 1 hour, so what you can do is put your name on the waiting list and walk around to explore the area before returning to find a table. The popcorn is a very nice gesture of welcome on each table.

Harrods Steakhouse

This place serves the best high end steak that I have ever had in a shopping restaurant, but it’s a bit pricey. The catch is that they charge per 100 gram and you can only order 200 grams but the order is totally worth it. I’d suggest to go for the medium done tenderloin.

Sticks n sushi

Are you a Sushi lover? Sticks n Sushi offers some beautiful affordable sushi and good quality makis that are not overly priced like everything else in London. It’s a casual place no need for prior booking.


The Good Earth

Chinese cuisine lovers should try out The Good Earth, the food here is really good and full of authentic flavors. The desserts however were just okay, nothing fancy.

Tate Museum

Who doesn’t know about the famous Tate Museum? It’s a decent place to hang around when in London. Also, I have to say that the coffee at Tate Museum is amazing, a must have even if you aren’t planning to eat anything. The food however, is below average unfortunately.

So there you are, with all the UK eateries I’ve tried out and compiled in this post with honest reviews to make your trip easier. Which of these restaurants do you plan to visit?



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