You guessed it right, as Jordan is my home country, I have obviously been around so many restaurants here. So today, I am bringing you a list of my most favorite eateries around Amman – the capital city of Jordan. Do check them out if you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful country.

  1. Shams El-Balad

When you are in Amman, and looking for the best tasty and healthy breakfastwith an authentic vibe, Shams El-Balad can serve as the perfect choice. It is the best vegetarian spot you can find and lets you explore the authenticity of the capital – Jordan. Everything on the menu is prepared through organic ingredients, and you can even dine outdoors when the weather is nice, the view is absolutely gorgeous.

I have tried almost everything from this place. The hummus has many variations, there is delicious Halloumi, Labneh with apricot as well as other flavors, Beetroot Moutabal and eggs which was unbelievably good, and the vegetables were very fresh. Of yes, tea is a must here, it is so amazing. Overall the food is phenomenal at Shams El-Balad and it is a pocket-friendly restaurant with very courteous staff.

  1. Levant Restaurant

Another favorite in Amman is the Levant Restaurant which is located on the 3rd Circle behind Le Royale Hotel. It’s a very nice restaurant owned by a Jordanian-Armenian family, the taste is very consistent and the owner is always there. You will be served delicious Levantine food with an Armenian-Middle Eastern twist and it is better to book your table in advance as it is usually fully packed due to the scrumptious taste it offers through its cuisine.

From salads, I really enjoyed the Pomegranate salad – fresh and crunchy. Also, they use excellent quality meat in all of their dishes, their hummus is out of the world, and you must try the famous Risotto – it is a beautiful dish. I also highly recommend the Mante, which is a very popular Armenian dish and very rare to find in Jordan. Brilliant restaurant in all aspects.

  1. Fakhr El-Din

Are you a fan of raw meat? If yes, then Fakhr El-Din is your go to place! It serves the best Arabic cuisine in Amman and is undoubtedly a must visit for me everytime I am in Jordan. It has been in service for 25 years now and the food as well as service has been consistent over all these years to remain the best. The head chef makes sure that each and everything cooked is always up to the mark.

Everything from the fresh breads to the meat is absolutely taste-worthy, and you can even enjoy the hubbly bubbly Shisha if you want. I strongly vouch for the Famous KibbehNayyeh and Raw meat platter, it is a must explore for your taste-buds if you enjoy Labanese and Middle Eastern food. Seriously, raw meat has never tasted better!

4.Little Italy

It is not too easy to come across a good Italian restaurant in Amman, an Little Italy is amongst the highly recommended ones. They serve excellent quality pizzas and pastas which are all made from scratch in house. Their specialty is the soft fresh breads and even the Seasonal Buritto is something not to be missed as it is very rare to find across Jordan. Another tasteful choice is the Salami.

You can be as selective as you want, each dish is just too amazing. Featured is the Gnocchi with white sauce – it was more succulent than it looks! The Staff is very friendly and other plus points include a live bakery and wooden oven.

5. Blue Fig

The Blue Fig restaurant integrates ambiance, food and drinks with cultural entertainment to present a “café culture” for local diners as well as for tourists coming to Amman from around the world. They have a perfect selection available for breakfast as well as Suhoor so you have your morning cravings covered beautifully. The management is very courteous too, I requested them to replace the foul as it did not appeal to my taste-buds, and they did so without even arguing!

6.Fish Face

Did you know that Jordan is one of those countries where you won’t be able to find a decent place to satisfy your seafood cravings too easily? Luckily, there is the Fish Place, a small eatery located in Abdoun and the only place that serves fresh seafood. They are the first one to introduce a Poke and Sushi Burrito bowl in Amman – great concept, amazing taste, good ingredients, consistent high quality food and prices which are a steal for the value! A must visit for all seafood lovers.

7.Olivia Jordan

This one is my most favorite pizza place in all of Amman. Although you might get turned off at first by the restaurant’s tiny size (it has just three tables), you are going to love the authentic tasting pizza once you get your order. I love their Pepperoni Pizza, it is so soft, fresh and delicious that the flavor lingers on even after you’re done with your meal! The owner has lived in Italy for many years so there is absolutely no compromise on the originality of the Italian flavors.

Also, if you are a tourist, or visiting Amman for a short while, you will love exploring around this area, it is called Al Waibdeh and there are a number of nice small cafes up and running.

8. Debes &Tahini

Another one for finger-licking good Middle-Eastern cuisine, is Dibs & Thine in Dawood Complex on the main road. This eatery has just recently opened and serves some really good, authentic dishes for breakfast. I enjoyed the Falafel Fakhara which comes with cheese and becomes the main highlight of the meal once it is placed on your table. The Labneh is also unbelievable, coming in all sorts of wonderful flavors.


9. Centro

Centro has always been one of my favorite places to go to since I was a carefree school-going child. It is a charming, French brasserie style restaurant which has a cozy, home-like feel. So, if you ever find yourself longing for buffalo tenders, dynamite shrimps, nice salads or fried food, Centro is the ultimate choice. All the goodness is available right at your service in this eatery so you can treat your foodie soul whenever you feel like it. Besides, they also do some really nice platters which are totally perfect for a hearty lunch. Really good, highly recommended!


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