Travelling to Berlin can be a truly unforgettable adventure, especially if you are going for the first time as the vibrant city is bound to intrigue you with its history, culture and gorgeous sights. Just warning that the airport is too small so don’t think about doing any shopping here as it is too tiny to manage. Also, there is no point calling Uber to pick you up due to the scarce parking space, I would rather recommend going down the accelerator and get a taxi instead. You can easily navigate through Google Maps and make sure to carry cash along as most of the places, including restaurants, do not accept credit cards.

P.S. I highly recommend summers if you are travelling to Berlin for the first time so that you can thoroughly enjoy your trip. Winters are extremely cold, so you need to wear thermals and extra layers of clothes to stay warm.

Here are some of the best places that accept credit cards and are casual but trendy and very nice. I’ve also mentioned a couple of hotels you may want to consider staying at.

DUDU Berlin

This restaurant is a family owned business and has been serving beautiful sushi dishes alongside traditional cuisine since 2008. It is basically a fusion of Japanese and Latin American cuisine with Vietnamese roots that form the foundation of the flavors served here. The Sushi rolls are therefore not authentic taste-wise but are delicious for sure . If you love sushi with an exotic twist, such as big rolls and sauces with greenery on plates, then you will definitely love the food at Dudu.

Cappuccino Grand Café

This one is an excellent choice for breakfast as well as brunch. It is very trendy restaurant and the food I tried was very good. Moreover, it is located In a very nice area which can easily be called a magical place.

Hotel Adlon

This is one of the oldest luxury hotels in Europe and is remodeled quite well from the inside. I would highly recommend checking it out and staying the night as it is historical, comfortable and the food is also very good. Besides, Hotel Adlon is one of those few places in Berlin that serves the best cocktails, it’s a must try. The brunch is quite classy too. You might as well have some coffee while you wait to be seated.


One of the best experiences in Berlin is crackers, however prior booking is a must if you want to avoid the rush. It has a dodgy entrance because it was a club before. When you walk in, you will notice the kitchen first and then the beautiful seating area will come in view.

The menu is simple and also vegetarian friendly. From the food I tried here, the corn bread is great and comes complimentary, the beef tartare is a must have if you love raw meat, and the burrata is another good recommendation. I also suggest ordering the French steak medium cooked and the butter milk fried chicken is the winner for me actually – do try this one too. From the desserts, the cheesecake is not to be missed at any cost because it really tastes out of this world!


This restaurant will give you feels of a guesthouse where you are bound to feel as comfortable as at home, while the food will remind you of your mother’s kitchen. Diners are always left full and happy, with the longing to return soon for yet another amazing dining experience.

Having an English menu, it is one of the best places for a proper veal schnitzel and you won’t regret it. The veal scnitzel comes with cranberry sauce and makes a perfect meal any day. For your side order, I would recommend potato salad with cucumber that is very delicious. Also, the portions are very generous so be very hungry once you make up your mind to dine out at Austria.

Zoo Hotel

Nestled in a great locality, there is the very exotic and trendy artsy Zoo Hotel where you can choose to stay or simply go enjoy a posh dining experience. It’s a must even for just drinks or coffee you should definitely go check it out when in Berlin.


If you love Asian fusion and bowls then Umami is hands down your place to go. It’s not Japanese or Asian authentic but the food comes in bowls and pho. I really loved the quality of all the dishes and service was very prompt and professional.

The crispy duck is a good item from the menu, so is the salmon as well as the noodles. You may also want to snack on the delicious spring rolls for an appetizing treat.

All in all, Umami offers amazing food, even better service, great ambiance and is easily a must go to restaurant. Note that diners readily wait up to three hours to be seated so just imagine the taste served here!


All around Berlin, you might see several Burgermeisters but there is this one location that serves the best burgers, so note it down before I move on with sharing my experience here:

U1 Schlesisches Tor, Oberbaumstrabe 8, 10997 Berlin

Apparently, everyone said that these are the best burgers but I tried them and found them okaying as the bun could be softer. However the burgers have real juicy meat so that is a win.

A few other places of interest in Berlin include the following:

  • If you are looking for the German Harrods, you will find it here it’s the KA DE WE. The area as well is worth checking, mainly because you will easily find all the shopping options here.

  • You must visit the parliament and take the tour around if interested. The surrounding area is also very nice so you can hang around there to check out some history and also the shopping.

  • If you travel during Winter, make sure to visit the Christmas market. It’s totally insane and has the best food from hotdogs to mulled wine and crepes.

Berlin is not the city if you are looking for something classy and lavish. It’s very hippy style, so if you like to party, this is surely your place. For food, it’s also very good but the people are not very welcoming in general. The menu at restaurants can be a challenge as most places don’t have them translated in English so this is something you have to bear in mind. Having a translator app, can be really handy. Wish you a pleasant trip!



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