Hello everyone! Are you planning to visit Amsterdam anytime soon? If yes, then I have a list of amazing restaurants chalked out for you, they are my top favorite ones from around the city! Have a look to get your food options settled.

  1. Windmill Tour Volendam is a calm and peaceful place, in fact, it is the highlight of Amsterdam. The Windmill tour from here is open all day. It is a 6 hours expedition and hands down the best thing you can do.Start with touring the authentic line up of Windmills. The ferry with an audio guide will first take you to a cheese factory where you can even buy cheese, however I wouldn’t recommended it as you can get  similar good quality cheese for the same prices at the airport so there’s no point carrying the added weight around. You will also be shown how to make cheese and show tutorials on different kinds of cheese. It is an awesome experience.Then you will be served lunch, I had some delicious Squid and the famous fries as well as tasty bitterballen. There is local fish called Haring which you will really like if you are a fan of salmon and tuna “Raw”. The staff will ask you whether you want it with bread, but it preferred to eat raw. There are delectable fried foods as well like the fried cod with chips as well as fried shrimps, squids and calamari which are all equally outstanding.


    You may even want to grab the best waffles in town here. The Stoop Waffles are actually amazing beyond words – not only are they available in different flavors, they aren’t too expensive!

    Next, they take you on a ferry boat and you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the canals during this tour. If you are someone who likes to explore the culture and history of new places, you can make your way to the cultural museum, it is very artistic. Also, the people of Amsterdam are famous for wearing wooden shoes, so this tour also takes you to a place where they show you how such shoes are handmade.

  2. Bakers & Roasters This restaurant serves an original selection of cakes, pastries and wonderful breakfast items in a unique atmosphere. They work on a simple principle of crafting almost everything they sell fresh on a daily basis, with no compromise on the taste and quality. Each dish is prepared with love and care, giving you a homely vibe.







My first order was the Mexican Omelet, very rich and heavy yet it is a delight for all those who love Mexican food. I also tried the Mexican eggs benedict which turned out to be amazing as well and the Corn Fritters, that have just recently been added to the menu, were very different and are highly recommended.

You are going to fall in love with the cheerful interiors of this restaurant, and the food too is phenomenal. They serve a vast variety of breakfast and lunch staples that incorporate delectable flavors from almost all over the world. Nonetheless, there is always a waiting list so it is recommended to either book in advance or just have your name listed in the waiting list and roam around the street killing time. Seriously, the restaurant is located in such an artistic area that a simple walk around feels so beautiful. Also, there are a lot of coffee shops around so you can eye one to enjoy once your meal is done. It’s totally worth going to.

3. Boutique Del Cafe

Just a little up the street from Bakers & Roasters restaurant is this cute little café, with funky décor, cozy ambiance and delicious food. This one is a hidden gem that serves the most amazing cannolis that I have ever had – they are unbelievable with different fillings to suit your taste buds. Their coffee is very good too and the staff is super friendly. You will find a lot of local diners here, it is a must go place. And you know what? You can even bring your pets along, so it’s a totally homely eatery!

4. Café George







This cozy eatery overlooks the canal and is really lovely. I would suggest having your meal on their outdoor seating area when the weather is good. The ambiance itself is very warm and they serve the best Bloody Mary drinks here. It is definitely one of the best choices for healthy breakfast.

Famous for its French and international cuisine, Café George strives to feed you fresh, high quality dishes. You can get really good eggs Benedict here as well as the famous butter ballen dish. It is really excellent and you can have it with either veal or beef. The service too is very professional yet staff is so friendly that you won’t feel odd requesting them to customize your dishes as per your taste.

Apart from the food, the flower market in this area is a must see attraction, especially if the weather is good. You will have to walk around the area as it is diverse cultural and absolutely beautiful. It will seem like a trip to heaven with the gorgeous fields of tulips of different colors – amazing experience!

6. Momo Bar & Lounge

This restaurant is another very beautiful eat-out option in Amsterdam but it is not cheap as compared to the other eateries in the area. You can say that this is where the Far-east meets the West truly. Here you will find a vast array of high-end Asian-fusion dishes that will leave the taste lingering on your taste-buds for a long while once the meal is over. They have the best sushi in town, and even the tacos and ceviches are unbelievable.

Moreover, fresh Wasabi is also available here and it is pure delight as you can rarely find this in other eateries across Amsterdam.

The Maki is also good ***An important suggestion is to book your table in advance to avoid disappointment.

For More details on dinning options please DM direct on my @dinewithsally Instagram account.

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