It’s no secret that American food has always been on my radar as I am a big fan of good buns and good quality meat. Dubai has been opening one hit place after the other and I couldn’t help but share with you the top burger places in Dubai based on taste and quality and not just price.

So without further adieu, are you ready to drool?

(Please take note that these are all based on my humble opinion)

  1. Blaze Burgers – Crafted burgers and fries that originated from Bahrain. I love the fact that you get to choose your meat, bun, toppings, and fries. You must try the Brick burger which is basically two grilled cheese sandwiches, U.S. certified Angus Beef, toppings and condiments of your choice. JUST WOW!
  2. Nusret – I found the place to be overrated but we can’t deny the fact that they have one of the best meats, quality-wise and the burger is superb and juicy. It’s an experience to go there and make sure you order some tea with Turkish baklava when done.
  3. KRUSH – I honestly think they have the softest buns and the juiciest sliders/burgers. The medium size allows you to try more than one and be perfectly content in the end. Go for the Cowbell which contains crispy onions and bacon (Halal), smoked Gouda and BBQ sauce. The Buffalo slider is one of the best in the UAE.
  4. Parker’s – Recently opened in La Mer and the original branch located in Dubai mall brings the most Instagrammable and richest dishes to the table. The truffle burger is good and I love the sliders. From the choco-coffee to the jalapeno shawarma to the crispy chicken everything tasted amazing. End your meal with the Lotus Drama and you can thank me later.
  5. Katsuya by Starck – I know it might not sound like a sliders place because you’re right, this is a great Asian restaurant offering Japanese cuisine. However, the slider over there is something to talk about and I think everyone should indulge at least once. It’s basically grilled wagyu topped with spiced aioli, mustard onions, American cheese, and arugula.
  6. Bazxar –  The meat district inside the restaurant offers 100% Angus meat and my personal favorite was the Steakhouse burger. It includes a 200G patty, truffle mayo, portobello and onion rings. Adding truffle fries on the side or even sweet potato fries with the peanut butter milkshake will have your mood fix for the day.
  7. 25″55 – Recently launched is the cutest spot in front of Kite Beach and the name is derived from the Dubai coordinates 25,55. Order some potato buns for sure and the Chicken Doritos with some lotus shake will have you feeling like you’re walking on clouds. Meat lovers will definitely enjoy the DAM burger because it’s their specialty and I basically loved everything on the menu but the chicken Doritos stood out for me.
  8. Slider Station – You probably have heard about it as it’s one of the first restaurants to bring good sliders to the UAE. In case you forgot, it’s the red colored bun that stood out for me which was the Hamur slider. From starters to sliders to fries and dessert, this is a must-try place for good sliders and
  9. Salt – Arguably UAE’s #1 choice of burgers for a good reason. Three distinctive items on the menu are the Hook, which is the wagyu beef with special sauce, jalapeno, lettuce and butter bun. The Original which is the wagyu beef with melted cheese, original sauce, pickles and butter bun. But my ultimate favorite would have to be the chicken cheetos which is deep fried chicken, melted cheese, lettuce, cheetos and butter bun. I love Cheetos so anything with it becomes a hit for me. Don’t forget to get the Cheetos fries with the lotus shake or a refreshing lemonade during the summer time.
  10. Retro Feasts – I have to be very honest here and say that I have had many hit and miss items in this restaurant, but to give credit where credit is due, I also have to say that the ‘BREAKFAST BURGER’ blew me away. It’s basically a 120-day grain fed angus beef patty with crispy turkey rashers, fried egg, cheddar melt, and HP sauce. You will not regret this for breakfast or anytime of the day as the place is so relaxing over looking the beach.

So there you have it, my top 10 burger places in Dubai for 2017! I really enjoyed trying out the burgers from these joints and I look forward to trying more places in 2018. Do you agree with my list or is there a place that needs to here instead? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Loving the website, the descriptions and you! You’re my new favorite person/role model… مبدعة دائماً يا سالي، شكراً على كل النصائح والدعم و ما رح ننسى اتعابك معاي ❤️


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