For those of you who don’t know this already, Roberto’s is a gorgeous fine-dining restaurant located in DIFC which offers a chic ambiance, classic Italian menu, and an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa. I was honored to be invited into its elegant atmosphere to experience “Dine with Bartolini Venetian Carnival” since the Two Michelin starred Chef Enrico Bartolini was back in Dubai just for a day to present a mix of traditional and contemporary Venetian dishes.

His cooking was captured in a 4-course set menu, brilliantly presented. I was really impressed by the unfamiliarity of the dishes as all were completely new to me. Each bite was surprising, it’s like you eat something you don’t know anything about, but still relish every bit of it!

Want to peek into the beautiful stuff I had? Here you go!

The Stuzzichini, or starters, included Pane di Arlecchino, Ostriche Sulla Roccia, Ravioli Fritto and Panino e Zafferano. All of these were very tasty, but I loved the Oysters, they served like a pallet cleanser for me. The saffron bread, which is very in nowadays, was amazing too. So soft and fragrant. The quantity of all this was not too large, yet the quality was great beyond imagination. It’s like the chef has planted a journey for your taste-buds and you get excited for what’s coming next!

Look at this Antipasto! It’s Focaccia bread stuffed with radicchio tardivo, black truffle, and crescenza cheese. Despite the place being packed with diners, the truffles were being shaved on a dish beside every table and the freshness and aroma of the bread, plus the fact that it’s done in front of you was unbelievable! In fact, it felt so special, I consider myself lucky to be there for witnessing that. Excited to see what was next? Two main courses coming up!

This is Risotto in savor Veneziano, or you can also call it squid ink risotto in simpler language. This had such a succulent taste you will keep craving for more unless your tummy is full. I didn’t even mind my lips turning blackish with each bite, just imagine the flavor!

Next in line was Lenticchie, calamaretti e nocciole in tecia di mare. Take a moment to admire this Baby squid with lentil stew. There was hazelnut and artichoke included as well. Very tasty and I really appreciate that this wasn’t rubbery to chew unlike squids on most other restaurants are!

Smoked pumpkin soup with chocolate and pistachio anyone? No, we aren’t back to starters again, this is a dessert not a bowl of soup! A very creative invention I must say, this was chocolate that tasted a bit like pumpkin and the pistachios enhanced the flavor even more.

Another sweet treat on the menu was the Petit Four which was delicious chocolate shaped into a pretty mask. A unique way to end a unique meal.

Bartolini is the youngest chef to receive the first Michelin star in his restaurant at the age of 29, and his collaboration with Roberto’s for this exclusive preview showcased his creativity with food really well! Everything tasted so good and the hospitality of the restaurant itself made the whole experience very magical.



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