Don’t we all agree how beautiful Ireland is? But how many of you know that the country’s cuisine is as amazing as its scenic landscapes? Today I’m here to list down a few of my favorite dining and relaxation spots in Dublin. Do add them in your list if you are working on an itinerary for Ireland.

Also, when you land at the airport, you can easily purchase 5GMB data for 25 Euros, so just get your hands on a great roaming plan before you actually start exploring the city. You also have to be an early riser to make the most of your trip as almost all of the shops and eateries around Ireland close down really early like around 9PM to 10PM. Now, have a look at the places where you can enjoy a good meal and relax too.

  1. Temple Bar Inn. Hotel

Firstly, if you are looking for an affordable place to stay in during your visit, Temple Bar Inn is ideal. It’s the first hotel you will come across when you exit the street. It is located in a central area where there are a lot of irish bars, pubs, restaurants and shopping so it is extremely strategic and touristic. Even though it is a 3-star hotel, it is clean, the staff is phenomenal, food is very nice and you can even chose to add a hearty breakfast for just 15 Euros.

Overall, it has a very Irish feel to it – the woodwork, the rustic vibe and the darkness. I would highly recommend it for a pleasant stay. Also, The Westin is right across this hotel so if you have a higher budget for accommodation, you can also stay there.

  1. Fade Street Social

This beautiful eatery by Dylan Mcgrath is the first restaurant in Dublin that is worth visiting. It is basically a tapas bar and has a great rooftop too. The dining area is downstairs and is called “gastro pub”, so you can have your food there and then head right to the rooftop,  to enjoy your drinks and excellent views. I would say that it’s better to book in advance as the place is always packed with diners. Overall, Fade Street Social has amazing tapas with a nice rooftop it is in fact very similar to the rooftops in New York.

  1. Milano Pizza

When you find yourself in Temple Bar Inn area, Milano pizza is a really good restaurant to check out, especially if you are a pizza lover. They have excellent variety of Pizzas and cocktails as well.. The cannelloni is really good and the Buffalo Cheese was something everyone enjoyed. Also, the Buffalina is very much recommended, a must try as they were unbelievably succulent. The overall experience was extra special and I must say that haven’t had anything else this good in ages.

  1. Bubble Waffle Factory

If you are craving for some dessert, just walk around the Temple Bar Area and you will be greeted by Bubble Waffle Factory right there in the alley. This place serves the best waffles which are not only fresh but also prepared right in front of you. You are also given the privilege to chose your toppings and ice cream flavor. As for me, I went for the cookie cream with chocolate waffle and I have to say that it was truly magical, A must try. Not only do the waffles look good, they taste scrumptious as well.

  1. Costa

In Ireland, you will find so many commercial and non-commercial coffee shops that are so different in terms of the decoration. If your not into Irish coffee like me  Costa is better than Starucks i think , you will see that there are flowers everywhere, it’s just so absolutely stunning.  and I highly recommend travelling to Ireland in the summer because it is extremely cold otherwise. One more thing that I would like to state here is that there is no AC in many of the hotels and restaurants so you have to be very careful with the way you dress . ( Managing your expectations )

  1. Buskers

Another superb eatery situated in the Temple Bar Inn area is Buskers – it is a really nice place where you can unwind and relax with good food. The best things about Buskers are the refreshing drinks, juicy wings ask for extra wings sauce and there is always a live band playing so people who like music and lights they will really enjoy this.

  1. Cliff at Lyons

A little far from the hustle and bustle, in the countryside, you will find a hotel called Cliff at Lyons. It is actually like a retreat where they will be launching a swimming pool next year so you can expect it to turn into a place where you can unwind and enjoy some luxurious relaxation time. Undoubtedly a very trendy, very beautiful and serene place where people from all over the world drop by just to unwind.

What’s more is that you can walk around and pick fruits and vegetables too, it’s such a beautiful experience.  I highly recommend it to all those visiting Ireland to spend a couple of days here – two nights is good enough, you will thoroughly welcome the getaway.

Even the food at this property is phenomenal. Here’s a glimpse of what I had:

Scrambled eggs with salmon

Fresh bread basket with croissants scones and home made jam. 

Irish fillet with spinach purree and mash potatoes

Puff pastry with chicken – tasted amazing

Even though you might find the service to be a bit slow, it is impeccable in terms of friendliness. Don’t compare the restaurants to the ones in UAE because it’s a bit slow in Dublin as people are more calmer here so you have to be aware of this before setting your expectations too high.

P.S. Ireland can get pretty cold even in the summertime, so remember to pack your sweater when travelling. Most of the hotels and restaurants have no AC but you won’t feel the need for one either. Also, if you are a meat lover, you have to keep in mind that Ireland is a country where it is prohibited  to cook meat medium or rare, so your steak can only be served well-done. Bummer for me 🙁 Medium done Fan right here.

Uber is available everywhere and if super friendly but leaving this retreat to the airport is a 60 Euro ride as there are no Ubers available in that area.





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