What is warm, soft, small, yet no less than a complete meal? If you guessed Bao, you’re absolutely correct! For those who are new to this term (which is next to impossible), a Bao is basically a steamed bun that is stuffed with a mix delicious fillings to tantalize one’s taste buds. These fluffy edibles have been trending in Dubai ever since they (Bao Buns) first made their appearance a couple of years ago in the posh city.

So today, I’m going to list down my top picks from Bao Buns across Dubai. Scroll on!

BB Social Dining

BB is one of the most interesting eateries tucked away in a corner of DIFC and spread generously across three levels. The restaurant serves delicacies that are mostly Asian-inspired. Here, you will find a dedicated menu for Bao Buns so you can conveniently make your selection according to the filling that appeals most to you.

I chose the Habibti Bao Bun – which is the very creative, and tasty, crab filled bun! So if you’re a fan of crabs, this one is worth trying, otherwise the other options from the menu are equally tempting.


This is one of the most stunning restaurants located in La Mer Dubai, that offers the perfect combination of flavor and color. The interior is very vibrant and refreshing whereas the menu comprises of delectable dishes that are sealed with a flavorful Indian twist.

I loved the Tandoori Bao Buns that arrived in a very generous portion and were nothing short of scrumptious. You simply can’t get over adoring the modern take and fusion when you’re at Masti.

Take a Bao

Not a restaurant, but a beautiful truck concept, Take a Bao brings you amazing fresh Bao Buns to choose from. Featured, is the Falafel Bao which I though mixes two cultures wonderfully and is perfect taste-wise.

One thing to keep in mind however is that the Bao Truck keeps moving location so it is recommended to follow their Instagram page to stay updated of their current parking spot and grab yourself a tasty bun.

Sugar Factory

If you are fond of American casual and comfort dining, you’d already be familiar of Sugar Factory and its different branches across Dubai. The restaurant’s mouthwatering menu is broken down into several sections that include a wide variety of delectable – Bao Buns being one of them.

I ordered the Fried Bao for myself, and was absolutely pleased. It comes with different fillings, namely Buffalo Chiken, Siracha Chicken and Beef Teriyaki . You might have quite a difficult time deciding which of the flavors are better than the other. Moreover, these crispy fried buns are unique and not to be missed!

Axe House- JLT ( Currently closed for renovations)
Serving pukka food – British in slang so expect a lot of that in the menu as well as the overall set up. The eatery can easily be defined as a beautiful affordable lounge with an awesome pool table and great food along with refreshing cocktails.

I found the Bao Buns here to be wonderfully soft and steamed to perfection, definitely a must try.


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