Are you a hardcore meat lover? Are you always on the lookout for restaurants that serve the most juicy and deliciously prepared meat cuts? Well, if your answer to these questions is an absolute yes, then you’re surely going to be thrilled to learn about Beef Bar! This is hands down one of the best meat spots in the world and has recently arrived in Dubai’s Financial hub, DIFC at Al-Fattan currency house.

Beef Bar can easily be classified as the epitome of quality, modernity and luxury. The eatery appears as a very classy brand from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave and even the service is unmatchable. In fact, the staff was very courteous and professional throughout.

Now, coming to the impeccable food, we ordered a couple of items from the starter menu and everything was amazingly flavorful. The picture below is of the shawarma, which is especially done for the Dubai restaurant in order to add the touch of Middle East cuisine to the Monte-Carlo originated brand. A beautiful initiative indeed, with the meat and marination making it all the more appealing. Just splendid!

Next, we moved to this unbelievable quality raw meat tartar dish. Presented on the platter were three different options, namely Veal with almonds, kobe and black agnus.

Sounds good? Tasted great as well! Also, the Kobe quesadilla was among one of the most succulent dishes at the restaurant, really juicy and tender, whereas the wagyu sliders were equally satisfying with the bun being so soft and filled with meat and a perfect amount of sauce. Indeed a must try.

The tenderloin fillet 300 grams is a dish that’s perfect for sharing, with even the side orders being very generous in quantity. The meat was perfectly medium cooked with no sauce drizzled on it, yet the quality of the meat actually tasted superb hence earning extra brownie points from me. Perfect Mash potatoes with spinach and asparagus served beautifully as sides.

Just look at the dessert, I assure you, this is going to be the talk of the town! The rich hot cheesecake that comes right out of the oven and is served with dark chocolate and ice cream was beyond divine. It is highly recommended and definitely worth trying even if you don’t have a sweet tooth as its sweetness is just right and not overly done.

All in all, Beef Bar is a gorgeous restaurant which offers a variety of tempting delights for carnivores in an elegant setting with service that is highly commendable.


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