Just recently Dubai Design Disctrict has welcomed yet another trendy eatery, and this time it’s Akiba Dori! The restaurant is totally new concept for Dubai and is inspired by the neon-lit streets of Akihabara – Tokyo. It is designed to resemble a food hall-styled indoor alleyway and serves a range of delectable Japanese treats housed in seven different shops.

Have a look at my food experience here:

The Sashimi salad had fresh simple tuna and salmon, yet it turned out to be a beautiful starter.

Next came the perfect Wagyu slider which I must say is highly recommended as it had a lovely crispy bun and seaweed.

Moving on, I had one of the best Chicken Katsu curry dishes in Dubai, right here at this Japanese restaurant. Why I think it was phenomenal? Well, because it had a spicy kick and also the chicken crisp was right on point!

Another thing which I found to be simply magical, was the Neapolitan Japanese Pizza. It was freshly baked in a wooden oven and tasted so amazing.  The wooden oven was built by a special Japanese team that flew in for 45 days to build it. Also, chef Luigi of Akiba Dori flew to Japan for 3 months just to learn how to make Japanese pizza the authentic way. One minute in the oven is all it takes! A definite try whenever you drop by.

Other than this, I also tried the Diavola Pizza which had juicy Beef with Kalamata Greek olives and sprinkled generously with Mozzarella and fresh dry chilli flakes before baking.

The best to the last! For dessert I tried the Dolce Luna which was basically a baked half moon dough with insane Nutella and vanilla ice cream inside. It came fresh out of the oven and was extremely fluffy and delicious.

So are you ready to be transported right on the streets of Tokyo in seconds? This place surely can’t be missed!





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