Sean Connolly is one of the best chefs in Australia, where he runs a couple of restaurants too, and has finally arrived to serve diners in Dubai as well. Exciting news, right? The recently opened restaurant is the first to be housed inside the iconic Dubai Opera, which overlooks the magnificent Burf Khalifa and so you can enjoy impressive views while you are there.

The contemporary brasserie uses fresh produce and marvelous flavors to cook up delicious seafood and steak dishes. There is a dedicated oysters section too, in fact the décor of the restaurant is inspired by oysters in terms of the oval shape and a beautiful interior done up with hues of grey and pink.

Now, let’s have a look at my list of dishes you should definitely try whenever you head over to Sean Connolly.

Fresh Oysters – This is the DNA of Sean Connolly and they sell thousands of oysters everyday in Australia, hoping to the same here now. According to my experience here, it won’t take them too long to get their wish. From creamy French to local produce, they all tasted so phenomenal!

Grilled White Peach with buffalo mozzarella pesto and pistachio – This was such a unique and flavorful take on salad, I enjoyed every bite.

French Sea Bass – So soft and the best one I’ve had in a very long time. It was done up with snap peas and lemon butter making the taste all the more succulent.

Duck Fat Chips – This was a side order, and my first experience of trying something like it. I have to admit it was very tasty and just rightly crispy.

Orgy of Mushrooms, buffalo ricotta gnocchi – Best dish ever!! It has seven kinds of mushrooms in it plus I loved the combination with ricotta gnocchi, so simple yet a burst of flavors. Even if you plan to leave out the others from the list, I advice you not to miss this one, it’s beyond amazing and something which you wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

I highly recommend this restaurant for lunch since you will be able to enjoy stunning views as there will be a lot of sunlight. It’s something you can’t just ignore when at the Dubai Opera for a fancy evening!




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